About us


Uhola Village Foundation e.V. is a private community of interests, initiated by Prof. Dr. Alois Stimpfle (University of Hannover / Hildesheim). The association is registered and recognised as charitable. Our associative articles can be found here: Articles of association


Uhola is located far to the western part of Kenya bordering Uganda.


Our focus is on the village Uhola and its surroundings located in Western Kenya, Siaya County. In the long run, we would like to make a sustainable contribution supporting the villagers to create a humane and self-determined being worth living. Our engagement is concentrated on strengthening the school education as well as encouraging agrarian structures and agricultural expertise.


Our support is both of financial and personnel nature. We are in constant and close contact with Nashon Omondi (Uhola Primary School – Patron / Nairobi) who is our local representative (“Auxiliary person”). Likewise, we are in touch with the local community of the Anglican Church of Kenya (“Southern partner”).


Here you can read about our reasons to found Uhola Village Foundation and how it came about.

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