Planned projects

1. Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE)

There is a great need of premises for the Uhola Primary School and especially for younger students in nursery school. We are planning to build two new rooms for the currently 90 girls and boys at the age of two to six, enough space to learn and to tarry is supposed to be provided.

2. Equipment

The buildings of the nursery and primary school do urgently need to be equipped e.g. with furnishing and books.

3. Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities need to be renewed or enlarged as there are only two lavatories for almost 350 students to share as of now.

4. Playground

To provide a space for the kids to play and to support child development, we are planning a playground on the school premises. The students are supposed to have space for fun, games and variation during their breaks.

5. Neighboring school Ralak Primary School

On a long-term basis, the neighboring school Ralak Primary School (former school of Nashon Omondi, our local auxiliary) stands in line: The outer walls of the school premises must be fixed and repainted. The classrooms need an all-round renovation including a new furnishing (desks, chairs etc.). Fencing the school campus and connecting the school to electricity also needs to be put into practice.

To achieve the goals set, we need your support!