Peter’s update

We have talked to Peter: The construction of the ECDE class rooms and the cultivation of the school garden continue. The zucchinis and pumpkins have been growing fine and can already be transplanted. A personal challenge for the organic farmer from Germany: the simple tools and the heat. Thanks a lot again for your hard work and commitment!

Let’s become 200 members!

Our UVF family is growing and growing: we are currently 175 members – let’s make it 200! So get on board and become a member if you aren’t already, and maybe you can think of someone who would like to spend 10€ to support our engagement in Uhola.

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Peter has arrived in Uhola

UVF member Peter arrived safely in Uhola and is ready for work. For the next month, the carpenter and organic farmer will actively support the work on site. In addition to the production of furniture and the construction of the school garden, there is still enough time for a little dance with the members of the local church. Seems like a successful start for an enriching collaboration.

Foundation is done

The new year starts off well: phase 1 of the school’s construction could be completed, which means the foundation has been done last week. Next steps: the walls for the classrooms.

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UVF member visits Uhola

One of our members – carpenter master and organic farmer – sets out today from Megesheim via Munich and Nairobi on the way to Uhola. In his time on the ground, he will support the construction of the school garden as well as the production of tables, chairs and shelves for the new classrooms. We are incredibly excited about your commitment and wish you a good flight!

Greetings from Nicholas

Well, were the boots and plates well filled this morning?
Nikolaus (commissioned by the Holger Maack Foundation and the Rieser Bauernmuseums- and Mühlenverein e.V.) has paid a lot of attention to UVF this year and has donated over € 2,250. You are fantastic! Let’s see what else will happen during Advent season.