General assembly in Maihingen, Germany

We have successfully conducted our first ordinary General Assembly after the foundation of Uhola Village Foundation e.V. today (June 1st, 2018). Many any thanks to all members and interested parties who have appeared and actively participated. A special thanks goes out to FC Maihingen 1946 e.V., who has provided his club home for the assembly free of charge. We are highly motivated by the meeting, in which, among others, an employee of the district administration Donau-Ries took part and demonstrated future possibilities of cooperation and funding.

UVF’s 1st birthday

Uhola Village Foundation e.V. is celebrating its birthday – exactly one year ago, we founded UVF! Ever since, UVF has grown significantly. You want to be part of it, too? Click here.

Starting point were Tabitha Stimpfle’s personal experiences in Nairobi in 2013 after finishing school. Travelling to different places in Africa & thus occurred friendships paved the way to become actively engaged in Kenya. Finally, the visit of the village Uhola by Prof. Dr. Alois Stimpfle was the initial spark to found UVF e.V. Read more here.

School starts in Kenya

We are pleased to announce that three former students of Uhola Primary School are able to attend secondary schools in the form of boarding schools. Cynthia and Stency have been attending LWANYA and SEGA SECONDARY schools since last Monday (January 9, 2018), and Linet will visit MBAGA GIRLS from next Monday (January 15, 2018). We wish the three girls good luck!

Cynthia_Schüler-Patenschaft_Sec. School
Linet_Schüler-Patenschaft_Sec. School
Stency_Schüler-Patenschaft_Sec. School


Just in time for the second Advent, the first edition of the UVF flyers is ready to print. Special thanks go to the team of BizTune, which has allowed us to reproduce the flyers for free.

UVF e.V. geht online

Die Webseite des Vereins wird online gestellt. Herzlichen Dank an Johannes Busch für die tatkräftige Unterstützung und auch an den Rest der Familie Busch für die Bereitstellung des Webspaces.

Ein paar Tage später folgt auch der Facebook-Auftritt und ein Instagram-Kanal wird eingerichtet.